Issues uploading videos to youtube for iOs

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I have been making videos I want to upload. I made five and uploaded two a few days ago but did not come around to do the other two until I tried today. The video files work; I have ran them through the photos app, but when I try to upload them to youtube it doesn't work; it just says something like invalid video or whatever. The videos are on iCloud which may be the reason. How can I solve this?



Submitted by tunmi13 on Friday, October 11, 2019

Hi Sabrina,
Have you tried uploading through iMovie? At times the default uploader can be very picky. Try this:
1. Open iMovie, select "create new project or trailer."
2. Select the movie option and then choose the video you would like to upload.
3. Once in the editor, select "return to projects page" to go back and view your project without editing.
4. Select Share, then tap YouTube. If it's not there, select More.
5. Login to YOUTUBE and fill out the details, then hit share and the video should start uploading.


Submitted by Wayne Scott Jr on Friday, October 11, 2019

I go into the YouTube App and select "Video." Once there, it shows you your videos in your camera roll. Just select the one you want and follow the prompts. What is your channel? If you want to check out mine, just look for Chime Bear.