Issues with Pages on iPad Pro

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Hi all
I am not sure if anyone can re-produce the same issues I am having with my iPad Pro 9.7 and Pages documents. The navigation seems inconsistent, VoiceOver performance is quite unpredictable; sometimes it is doing what it is supposed to do, sometimes it skips lines or entire paragraph, the performance specially with large documents turns attempt to read a document impossible.
An example here: a document consists of four lines; I navigate quickly to line 3 then line 1 again, upon my attempt to re-read line 2 would often fail as VO reads line 3 not line 2 although if I navigate by word I find it is placed on line 2 not 3.
Sometimes the end of the line is skipped for no apparent reason. I play with font size, make sure no side apps are running, no shapes nothing but the typed text.