Issues with iTunes in IOs8

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Since I downloaded IOS8 to my iPod Touch, I have had issues with the iTunes ap. One of these issues is searching. For example, I enter a search, say, Dr. Who, hit search, swipe to more followed by audio books, and only find a fraction of the titles that should be displayed. I have proved this by carrying out the same procedure on my iPhone, not yet running IOs8, and finding a far greater range of titles. Secondly, when clearing text, I find I have to do it twice. Can these issues be resolved?



Submitted by Usman on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You can try a trick which seems to work in the app store to make it show additional search results. At the last search result, trying doing a double tap and hold for a couple of seconds on the second tap and drag your finger up once. I cannot confirm this as I barely ever use iTunes on my iPhone but its worth a shot.

Yeah, that does work. It's pretty crude though, and I certainly wouldn't have thought of doing it. Wish Apple could have left it as it was.