Issues with Full-Text Article View in Feeddler Pro 2

iOS and iPadOS


I am currently using Feeddler Pro 2 as an RSS reader, and I love it. The layout of the app makes sense, sharing articles is a snap, and it's fully accessible with VoiceOver.

The only issue I have with Feedler, however, is that the full-text mode for articles simply does not work some of the time. When it works, it's great -- just double-tap the "Full Text" button and the entire text of the article is downloaded. However, this feature does not seem to work consistently. Even when the "Full-Text" view is activated, only the first line or two of an article is displayed.

At first, I thought this was a feed-specific limitation...but I've been able to download the full text of articles using the "Full-Text" option at one point on a particular feed and unable to do so at a subsequent usage of the app, and vice versa.

Does anyone know what the issue might be? I'm using Feedly as the sync service, if that helps at all.

Thank you for any assistance.