Issues with Feeddler Pro

iOS and iPadOS
Hi all, For the past few days, especially, since the time I have upgraded to IOS 10.3.1, I have been facing issues with Feedler Pro. Quite a few times, when I double tab on an article with an intent to read it, rather than opening this item, the focus returns to the homepage. While this behavior does come up with most of the articles, with some, it doesn't. Needless to say, I have my app up-to-date. I have gone ahead & written across to the developer highlighting all the above issues. However, I haven't heard from them. Infact, there hasn't even been an acknowledgement of my mail from their side. It's my opinion that one should write across to the developers directly rather than lambasting them on the app store. Please guide with regard to a way out. Thank you,



Submitted by Melissa on Sunday, May 7, 2017

I think that this is the same issue that I've been having, but I am not sure. I have the same app and when I go to click on an article and swipe immediately right afterwards I still get the Home page. What I do is go straight to the top of my phone and start the focus there instead of swiping right as soon as I select the article and then I get the article. I had the same iOS version I also get this occasionally when I'm using the Facebook app.