Issue with VoiceOver Not Announcing Face Detection in the iPhone Camera App

iOS and iPadOS


please, am using iPhone 5, ios 9.31
i can't set VO to announce face detection
pls. need support for doing this in order to use camera

note, the problem not in ios 9 cause even i was using ios 7 or 8 i never find face detection work.



Submitted by Serena on Sunday, May 8, 2016

hi there, the only times i've seen this function not work at all, is while using the camera from another app. for example. let's say i want to take a pic from skype, to send to the person i'm talking to. when this version of the camera comes up, voiceover does not anounce the faces. it appears to only work if you actually open the main camera app directly. so could this be what's happening to you? If not, if you are in fact using the actual camera app, perhaps you haven't set the correct camera. it's normally set by default on the back camera, and if you're attempting to take an image of yourself, it won't say anything.
hope either of these helps you identify what's going on.