issue with the lyft app

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all,
I would like to use Lyft as much as I do Uber but I notice one problem and from what I've heard from someone this is only happening in select markets and was wondering if this is happening to anyone on here? I would also like to note this is happening on my Alexa app as well. There's a problem where I can not view the price estimate, if I try to get a price estimate it will say price n/a. Alexa just tells me she's unable to estimate the cost. Also I'm having an issue from when the drivers in route it will not give me an ETA just says arriving soon. These features that aren't working are pretty important to me and that is keeping me from using lyft much. I contacted Lyft who told me to try uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no luck and they wasn't much help after that. Like I said it's also happening with my amazon dot as well so that tells me it's not a phone issue. I know one other person has also had this issue depending on what market sthey're in. Anyone know what could be causing this?