issue I've noticed since ios6

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I became an IPhone user under ios6 so not sure if earlier versions had this issue. Does anyone notice when putting in a phone number when adding a contact when you type in the next to the last digit vo will say a different number? Like for example 1234566789 when I put in the 8 vo will say 2 after I lift my finger instead of 8. Anyone know why this happens?



Submitted by david s on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wow. I read this the other day and today, it happened to me. It seemed like any phone number I enter that ends with 7, VO will say 20 after a double 7 was entered. I had my sister try it to make sure it was not a user error and it happened to her too. Turned off VO and it worked find.

Thanks for making me aware of this. Next tie I will just enter the number and make the corrections in Outlook as needed. LOL.

I am using iPhone 6 with ios 8.1.2.