Issue with and Spring Forward keynote.

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all,
Just posting this for informational purposes. I've noticed as i was attempting to re-watch the Spring forward event in Safari with ios8.2 on Apple's site, that double tapping on "experience the keynote", link causes Safari and Voiceover to lock up dramatically. It does the same on the Apple events page also, though not for previous events strangely.
Anyhow, wanted to post this, as I haven't seen anyone else discussing it and thought it worth commenting upon.



Submitted by Darren12 on Friday, March 13, 2015

Hi Usman,
Thanks for your comment. Indeed, It's also available in Itunes as well. Finding it wasn't the issue, rather the fact that VO and Safari seems to be experiencing some kind of an issue currently on Apple's site. I'm presuming It's some code that they've temporarily implemented, perhaps to make things appear aesthetically pleasing. Just wanted to let the community know, as I was slightly confused on first encountering it myself.
Best, Darren.