issue with the apple log in storage feature

iOS and iPadOS

I have apple remember all of my logins, the only issue I'm having with this is if I do need to input a login manually because apple tells me that it's the wrong log in for whatever reason I'm trying to log in to I'm having trouble editing the log in. I double tap on the keybord button option so that I can input the correct log in however it doesn't let me type. Vo will say text is editing but when I try to type it just swipes to other options on the screen.
Is anyone else having this issue?
This is with an iPhone8 running 13.5.1.



Submitted by Bruce Harrell on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It might be because I have both an iPhone and an iMac desktop. Do you have both too? I'm thinking maybe my devices are confused about which passwords to use for a few websites, the iPhone version or the iac version