Isn't there an easier way to create folders?

iOS and iPadOS

Honestly, I think that Apple should send this dragging business to hell, or find an easier way to move apps around. That is, if there isn't already one. Does anyone know of a solution? Just me and my iPhone here, so no keyboard/computer ideas please.



Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Friday, October 13, 2017

There's a new way of dragging stuff around in iOS 11. Just hold down to edit like usual, the way you would before dragging. Then tap on an icon, you should hear the name of the app and then "actions available." Flick down with one finger and select "drag" as the option. That will sort of lift that icon out of the app lineup and you can then select the icon you want to make a folder on. Using the actions menu you can select to either drop the dragged icon after the selected icon or make a folder with those two icons.

Hope that makes sense! And agreed the old way was pretty annoying.

Submitted by Serena on Friday, October 13, 2017

yep, must agree. this new way is so easy to work with. and it's mostly consistent across keyboard and touch use, although the only difference is, that when you touch an icon, and it says actions available, it does not have the edit option, as it does if you arrow down with a keyboard. you must double tap hold. which seems a bit silly, if the rotor for the keyboard can do it, why not a flick down. lol. but other than that, all the actions are basically exactly the same. once you have the edit mode activated, find the icon you want to drag, flick down / up or arrow down or up to drag, activate that, then find the icon you want to combine it with to make a folder, and select create new folder with, and activate that. or, if you already have a folder, drag the icon or icons you want to add to it, select it, and then flick up / down or arrow up / down to add icon 's names to folder name. and activate that. so easy really. the older way where you had to drag one by one, and line them up, was hard. even sometimes for sighted users. lol.
If you're having problems with this new system, let me know, and i can try to put together a bit of a demo of how to perform it.

Submitted by Hayden on Friday, October 13, 2017

As of iOS 10, there is no longer any need to drag apps around--there is an edit mode which greatly simplifies the process. Apple has slightly changed its location in iOS 11, but it's still there.