iPod touch sd card style or jail brake mission?

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hi all,

I have the latest iPod touch 128gb version.

my question to you all is this can i get an app that will allow me to place files directly on my iPod as if it had an SD card inside it? or would I have to jail brake my iPod to do this?

your help with this question would be most welcome, kind regards trey.



Submitted by Chris on Sunday, July 3, 2016


If you want, you can download different file manager applications from the app store. Keep in mind that these are not true file managers. Since iOS is sandboxed, your files stay within the file manager app and other apps you send them to using the open in command.

Submitted by trey on Sunday, July 3, 2016

thank you for your reply, what file manager would you recommend for my use case? and how would I get the files from my mac to the iPod?

Submitted by Chris on Sunday, July 3, 2016


Try this one.


This app was accessible the last time I tried it. It has a wi-fi uploader and support for cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive. I hope this works for you.

As for getting files to your iPod, there are many ways. You could use AirDrop to send the files, put them into iCloud Drive or another cloud provider, use iTunes file sync to send the files to the file manager app, and more. You cann't connect your device to your Mac as a mass storage device and move the files that way. Maybe htat will happen some day. If you want direct file transfers over USB, use Android.