iPod Touch and Mac voiceover tutorials

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I will be purchasing an iPod touch and a MacBook soon. Are there any podcasts that demonstrate the use of these products that I should be aware of? I am using David Woodbridge's Mac tutorial. I am not aware of any iPod Touch tutorials.



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi, you can still go to: http://www.visionaustralia.org/atpodcasts which besides the Mac demos for Snow Leopard and Lion: has demos from iOS 3.3 up to 5 which are all still fine to get you up an going whether your using an iPhone or iPod touch. David

Submitted by Khafsa2015 on Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi David I really need some sound advice from a mac user. Do u use ur mac to word process documents? Iv heard that there are problems when trying to access tables in documents, is there a solution to this problem? Also do u know much about accessing excell spreadsheets and presentations? I know loads of VO users use the mac and i really wna get one coz they are cool, but only if i can access word, excell and powerpoint documents. Your help is very much appreciated Thanks :)

Yes, out of the box, VoiceOver will not allow you to access tables in a word processing document. Some folks use Numbers to import a table in a doc, but I've not done this. Numbers is ok as far as I know, but doesn't go anywhere near what you can do with Window-Eyes for example with Excel. Microsoft Office for the Mac is not accessible, but you can read Word (Pages or TExtedit) and Excel (Numbers). I don't use a Mac at work, but I've got 4 at home and they do everything I need such as: recording/editing/posting podcasts, tweeting, mail, web browsing, daisy books, scanning, writing draft training material for work, music, streaming to my several Apple TVS, apps for my boys on their iPads, skype etc. Now when I come to think about it (smile), I think the only tables I deal with at work are my leave form and evaluation form for when I'm evaluating products, so not that many for me.

Submitted by SAXY on Thursday, November 22, 2018

Probably a dumb question but is the ipod ios? Am I able to download software onto it? Can I send emails from it using Sierie (spelling?)/ Am I able to access the cloud you are talking about Jeff (if your there! :) to play songs. And my last question is as follows: Is there a tip or technique to be able to quickly assign my name to all of my tracks without doing each individual track one at a time - (so I can access them through Sierrie easily?) Thanks very much everyone for your helpful tips I've found so far and to Frontier Computeing for turning me onton the Apple Vision Website!

Submitted by SAXY on Friday, November 23, 2018

I'm just wondering which iPHONE to purchase at this time. I figure I should definitely get the larger screen versions that have longer battery life, but am concerned about getting the newer ones that have the glass case on the back. Being a blind guy I figure it's asking for trouble! Thinking maybe I should get an Iphone 6 or 7 large screen so as to have a more durable case, but am concerned my battery life won't be sufficient or that the perfomance may be slower or have glitches due to the older system and larger number of updates. Maybe conflicts are more likely? I would like to be able to use the GPS app to find my way around and locate addresses... Wondering if 10GB of data transfer will be sufficient for me? Would greatly appreciate any feedback on these concerns! Thx so much! :)