Iphone will not synk to itunes music?

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all this is driving me crazy and I have tried everything that I can think of. I created a playlist in Itunes in order to synk it to my phone. I called the playlist plane. I then hit enter on where it says Iphone and tab until I get to the box that says summery and has the other options of music, tones, books and thins like that. But I do not see the playlist in this box anywhere. Is it not supposed to be in this box so it can synk with the IPhone? I think Itunes is so freaken stupid. God forbid that you can't just plug in a phone to a computer and use it as a USB drive anymore the wolrd might explode. Help! lol



Submitted by blindboyblake on Friday, November 20, 2015

Well nevermind I finally after two hours got it figured out. Had to change some settings under itunes and something else. Meh im tired lol but can figure it out again if someone else has this problem. Think it had to do with apple music