iPhone, iOS8 and airplay devices: possible serious bug, further tests needed

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Hello, I have 2 machines with iOS8: one is an iPhone 4s the other is a 3rd generation iPad.
Many, many bugs have been documented by all of us, and I am afraid to have found another one but, before listing it in the bugs dedicated topic I'd need a further test by other users.
This annoying bug affects iPhones and seems not to be present on iPad, and it appears when iPhone is connected to airplay devices wirelessly. Airplay, not bluetooth.
So, for example if you have an AQ airplay speaker, an apple tv or an airport express you may be affected by this annoyance.
Here is the step-by-step procedure:
pre-requirements: a wi-fi nettwork with airplay devices enabled.
1. open control center on iPhone
2. select Airplay button, and then choose the appropriate airplay device - apple tv, speakers, or so.
3. in some cases, you can have this annoying effect: iPhone sounds start to be fast. VoiceOver voice and effects are almost unhearable, it seems like you have a tape or a record turning very fast, like fast forwarding let's say.
If it happens, you must make an effort to deselect airplay device and come back to "iPhone audio" setting and press the Done button. A sighted help may be needed, I managed with it without sighted help as I am used to audio-editing and fast voice effects so with efforts i have been able to figure it out.
if this audio accident doesn't happen, you are ready to go to the next step.
Step 4. if airplay regularly selects without accidents, turn on some music and try to use voiceover to explore the screen. It should regularly talk from iPhone speakers while music goes to airplay speaker.
5. try to use siri. If bug occurs, you will not be able to talk to voice assistant. Home button produces the effect of turning siri on and off without any further possibility. Siri is on, the screen with Listen button and instruction is visible, but you cannot interact with it using your voice.
Same thing happens with whatsapp's voice messages, or with other apps requiring to use microphone and voice, and to be listened through iPhone's ear speaker.
you can listen but you cannot send any audio through your mic
it's really really terrible
I already submitted a report to apple but, I'd like to check with you all, if it's just my unluck to have an old device or if happens to you with newer ones too.
thanks for all
PS if i was not clear, please say it, so next days I may attempt to produce an audio recording for you to understand it better



Submitted by Seanoevil on Sunday, September 21, 2014

I have not tried using airplay since upgrading my iPhone5 to IOS8, but I have already reported to Apple a similar problem with SIRI and dictation.
I am not sure what precipitates it, but I have found both SIRI, Hey SIRI and the dictation feature intermittently unusable. Essentially, on activation the Start and Stop Chimes play instantaneously with absolutely no time in between.
When this occurs with SIRI, the SIRI screen becomes frozen and can only be cleared with the Home button.
When this happens with Dictation, the App (Twitter and Messages) invariably crash.
The only way to get them working again is a restart.
Annoying, but I have reported it.

Sea No Evil

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hi, First of all I answer to Sean. The bug is the same, try with airplay too and you'll notice how nervous it will make you. Happy to hear you reported it too, I used the bug reporter as I am a regular developer because of my job.
In the thread I said this problem did not occur on iPad, well, now I must say it's not true, I was just relaxing and reading on the bed, with music in background coming from airplay and iPad reading with voiceover talking by its speaker, and suddenly the voiceover synth started to talk faster and faster like i was fast-forwarding a tape ...but I was almost falling asleep and was not touching anything. The bug woke me up and forced me to press home button so that i could stop the book and not miss the sign.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello. Here is an audio demo of the new, and truly exciting speech rate increase feature, which I posted to twitter several days ago but sort of forgot to share it here. :)

Submitted by esiu88 on Friday, November 7, 2014

Dear all, my wife, visually impaired, relies on voiceover a lot and she also notices this iOS8.1 bug which will stream both voiceover and music to airplay. The intended feature prior to iOS8.1 works well where voiceover should remain on iPhone speaker while music streams to airplay. We finally find out what causes the problem and work out the way to resolve the problem. Hope this helps other who encounter the same issue before Apple's next iOS upgrade to remove the bug.

There is a new feature called audio ducking in iOS8.1. It will "duck" the audio when an alert/message comes in. As my wife cannot see, she has to set voiceover always on. When she listens to music and an alert/message comes in, the music will lower (i.e. duck) so that she can hear clearer the alert. A very good new feature indeed. By default, iOS8.1 has enabled this audio ducking.

One day, she suddently notes that both music and voiceover get airplayed to speaker. We manage to identify the cause after a few resetting and "debugging" and find out that she has accidentally disabled audio ducking.

Therefore, we would like to share with you all who are disturbed by the problem:

Before you airplay, please enable audio ducking first (set audio ducking to on); voiceover will then stay on iPhone speaker and music gets airplayed.

It works on our iOS devices and we hope it helps you too.

Kind regards

Submitted by Shass on Monday, November 17, 2014

It's not just your iphone 4s, my iphone 5s "has opinions", too. I've bumped into the bug that means that if you've been connected to airplay, Siri and the microphone doesn't work. This is very frustrating, not only because I can not use Siri (the start-stop-beeps are right after each other) if I want to, but if someone is calling me (on facetime, I don't know how it is with normal calls), there's no point in answering the call. The microphone won't work until I've restarted the phone.

This is not really making me very eager to use the airplay. And that's very sad. If you're planning to send a bug report, shoot! And thanks in advance.

Submitted by Edward Alonzo on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hello Eric thank you so much for the audio ducking idea. i really hated listening ot the voiceover voice being played out over my air play device instead of the voice over speaker. it caused me to not use air play as much. it was very sluggy. I haven't had this issue with siri, or the mic no longer working once air play is enabled, but the audio ducking roem I had mine off. I wonder what that had to do with air play and voice over together? once again thank you very much.

Submitted by Geoff37 on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Did the speeded up VO get fixed? I now have this problem on new ipad6 ios11 Airport Express. Many calls to Apple but no fix so far.