IPhone 8 speakers drain battery for any folks

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Hi all.

I've had my iPhone 8 for just about a week now and really enjoying all the features it has to offer. To put this into context, I've upgraded to this new phone from the 5. So a big leap in performance, features etc.

There's just only one thing that is bothering me and which I wanted to check with those who own from the 7 and upwards.

So the question is, if you listen to any audio audio content, at full volume directly from the iPhone's speakers out loud, do any of you experience battery decreasing at a very fast rate?

I've done a couple of tests. Voiceover is on, brightness set to 0% and volume set to maximum.

Using overcast, and sleep timer set for 30 minutes, my 8 went down 10%. I did this twice and got the same results. Also, should mention that my screen was locked, for the duration of the half hour.

Would this be normal behaviour? Because I've noticed that if you turn down volume to 80% or so, it doesn't drain as much.

Which also got me wondering if this could be a bug with iOS 11.

By the way, this was already tested with the eleven point one update.

My 5 never drained that much battery in a session.

So, thoughts are most welcome.