Iphone 6S not reading notifications?

iOS and iPadOS

Good morning, since up grading to Ios 10 my 6S only reads the name of the first incoming caller or labelled alarm from the locked screen? When say an alarm goes off voice over says sort of half of the first word of the label and then shuts up. If I use the phone and locks the screen again the same thing repeats itself, only the first notification are read. My brother-in-law and Sister uses the Iphone SE. and do not have the same problem.
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Submitted by david s on Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a similar problem when I upgraded to IOS 10. I go to general> accessability then voiceover. Speak notification was set to On. I turned it off, restarted my device then turned it back on. That solved my issue.

Some observations. With the screen side up on the table, notification is read aloud. With the screen side down on a table, the notification is not read aloud. In my pocket, the notifications are read aloud.

HTH and good luck.