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I am eligible to get a phone upgrade. I currently have the iPhone 5. I am debating on whether to purchase the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. I am leaning more toward the iPhone 5S. What are your opinions? Should I get the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6?



Submitted by Stephen Toth on Sunday, September 21, 2014

In my opinion, you should get the iPhone 6. Yes, it will cost you more, but, in the long hall, it will serve you better than the 5S because, come next year, when iOS 9 is unveiled, the 5S, which you will have gotten a year ago, will start to feel a bit laggy. This is the case with all  mobile devices, and cannot be helped. So, the 6 will hold out longer in terms of speed and power, where as the 5S will feel a little old and slow. I feel sorry for those people who got 5Cs on contract instead of going for the 5S or 6, because, come next year, their phones will most likely run like the ipHone 4S does now under iOS 8.

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Sunday, September 21, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Mike,

If you are able to afford the iPhone 6, I would go with that one. There's not much more to say on the topic than what Stephen has already said; the iPhone 6 will be a better long-term investment than the iPhone 5S. To be clear, the iPhone 5S is a perfectly good phone, and it runs iOS 8 very well. If the 5S is all you are able to afford, buy with confidence that the phone will run iOS 8 very well and will also likely do reasonably well on iOS 9 come next year. If your budget will allow for the iPhone 6, though, I would strongly recommend choosing that over the 5S.

Submitted by Special K on Sunday, September 21, 2014

I had a 5S, and got the 6 yesterday, and there is a noticeable speed increase as well as better responsiveness, especially when running the Alex voice. Also, Braille screen input is so much better on the 6, if that's what you're into. I had to do something with my 5S this morning, and it just feels cramped now. The one hard thing to get used to is the new position of the lock button. I keep reaching to the top, and it's not there!

Submitted by Andy B. on Sunday, September 21, 2014

I would get the IPhone 6 as everyone else has stated. The 5s will be discontinued for most carriers, if it hasn't already been discontinued. You don't want to get tied up into a discontinued model and have to live with it for 2 years. Besides, the IPhone 6 is much better than 5s.

Submitted by Mike Fulton on Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thank you all for your replies. The only reason I was leaning more toward the 5S is because of the screen size. I'm a little hesitant to purchase a phone with a bigger screen, because as a totally blind person, I don't really see the need for it. Are there any benefits to getting the larger screen?

All of the reviews I've read online say that the 6 is not much better than the 5S, but I wanted to get the perspective of other voice over users.

Submitted by Megan on Monday, September 22, 2014

Did you ever have the 4 or 4s before your current 5? I did and had the same reaction on switching to the larger phone. I actually really, really do like the extra screen real estate that the 6 has. The keys on the keyboard are slightly larger and spaced out a little and so I can type like a boss. i think the 4.7 inch iphone really is the sweet spot. For me the plus was just way too big and didn't fit well in my pocket, but it's definitely a matter of Personal preference. my sighted mom, who I thought would love the bigger screen on the six, actually really thinks it's too big, especially compared to the four she had before. So definitely go to the store and play with both of them for awhile. See where your sweet spot is.

A benefit for completely blind users is the ability to set the display to zoom. Zoom makes controls on the screen larger, allowing blind users easier access to the controls on the screen. For example, my wife had a very difficult time finding keys on the keyboard. After telling her to use some, she has not had a problem since.
The physical display is more durable since it is made from a different type of material than IPhone 5s. There are other hardware improvements such as DigitEyes reading labels better than the 5s could. Other hardware improvements would include the finger print reader.

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, September 22, 2014

Although I personally cannot comment with regard to actual use of the iPhone 6 as my contract is not up, I would still recommend a version of the iPhone 6 as it relates to the additional sensors and camera improvements. If you utilize any health-related apps, then the iPhone 6 will give you that much more capability for data accuracy and confidence for accuracy of said data and it's because they have added more sensors with which to work. The camera will, as others have stated, assist you in higher accuracy in scanning, therefore producing better read-ability. I am of the opinion, when it comes to technology purchases, buy the very best that your wallet can afford and you will be as prepared as one can for the future. Of course, if you've been around technology at all, you also know that as you walk out the door, basically your purchase is obsolete but that cannot be helped. Buy the best you can and call it a day.

Submitted by Vash Rein on Monday, September 22, 2014

Not sure about the 6+, but Got my IPhone 6 on Friday and having it in your hand, you will not want to go to an IPhone 5s. Truthfully, the thinness is amazing to feel. Also, the phone itself just has a nice texture.

Remember that Apple pay can be a very good thing to have when it is released as it will give you an easier, quicker way to pay for things (instead of pulling out your credit card or debit card). Whether or not you find that feature useful is up to you. IOS 8 is definitely faster on a 6. Also the overall buttons on the phone are a little bigger than the 5s. The volume buttons are elongated instead of round, and though I had some issues with the power button's placement, after a day of usage, you get used it and it becomes muscle memory.

Submitted by Vash Rein on Monday, September 22, 2014

In reply to by Andy B.

The 5s should be sold for the next three years at least. Remember, the 4s is still being sold by most retailers and supported by Apple. So the 5s will eventually be discontinued, but it will take some time.

Submitted by Vash Rein on Monday, September 22, 2014

The 6 also has a pretty major feature that the 5s won't which is VOLTE. This allows for higher quality voice calls as well as the ability to make calls and use lte at the same time. But in using VOLTE, I would say that going back would be hard for me because of the overall gain in voice clarity and quality.

Submitted by Orko on Friday, September 26, 2014

You people make me wish I was eligeable for an upgrade now, but I still have about 15 months left on this contract.

Then again, by the time I'll be eligeable to upgrade, the iPhone 7 will be just around the corner! :-D

Submitted by Troy on Monday, September 29, 2014

Lol I know what you mean, I have a 4s and I can't upgrade until late January, not sure if I would even qualify for Verizon edge, but that's a whole different topic for a whole different website.

Submitted by Mike Fulton on Monday, September 29, 2014

I decided to get the iPhone 6 64 GB. I got an otter box defender case for it, but I don't like it. My amazon basics charger does not fit with the case on, so I have to use the standard apple cord. The screen protector is not flush with the screen, so I have to press pretty hard on the screen in order to do anything. And the volume and power buttons are really hard to press. I contacted otter box, and they are sending me a replacement, but I don't think that will help, as other people who reviewed the case are having the same issues. Can you recommend any good cases for the iPhone 6 that are similar to the otter box defender? I like having the screen protector and the belt clip.

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