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I am trying to assist one of my learners who is using an iPad with keyboard and Voiceover. She has updated to iOS 13.4 and is now experiencing problems with her Mail app. When opening an Email, every now and again, it brings up a context menu with the options to reply, reply all, forward etc. This is really causing her a problem because most of the time she only wants to read the message. I've gone into Accessibility, Touch, and turned off 3D and Haptic touch but this doesn't seem to work in the Mail app. In fact I've just turned this off on my iPhone 10 and you can still press and hold to bring up a context menu. The only thing I can offer her as a solution at the moment is to immediately press VO + Grave immediately after to close it as she doesn't have an Escape key on her keyboard. If anyone has any solutions I would be extremely grateful.



Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, April 27, 2020

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Is she using the Up + Down arrows on the keyboard to open the email? If so, you might suggest pressing VO-Space instead. I'm wondering if the up and down arrows are registering at different times, which may cause the rotor action to change to something else before activating. I haven't had this issue myself, but I have had other oddities happen with my keyboard when used with iOS in the past.

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Monday, April 27, 2020

I recently got an iPad pro 11 with a logitech slim folio keyboard. I am noticing issues like this as well. I have found that capslock plus space to activate items works just about all the time. For me I get the sound like pressing up and down activated an item but it does nothing. If I hit control plus option plus space it brings up the menu mentioned in the above post. It appears quick nav might be the part of the issue. If I turn it off the mail app seems to behave much better.