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Hi everyone. I have a 32gb iPad II. Two questions seem to happen, and I wanted to know if this happens to anyone else. When i plug in the iPad to charge via the USB and Mac, I get a window that says No videos or photos found, button. This has othing to do with itunes but I think maybe the dropbox app? As soon as I close it, I'm back where I need to be but this happens every time. Again, itunes is not open because I don't do anything except put music on it via that, and back up to the Mac. Second, randomly the iPad will just loose internet connectivity. I'm a bedroom away from the modem, with the signal strength around fifty percent, give or take. As I backed up, then updated, the iPad, it couldn't find the network, so I had to walk twenty feet to fix it. This makes me not sure i want to bring it with me if it continues to do this. Also, if I do, I'll connect to a hotel's wifi. I know some netowrks you click and you're connected, others you have to click on safari, then log in as whatever. Has anyone connected this way with an iPad, and is it simple enough? Hope i made some sense, thanks for any answers, feedback. BTW I was at IOS 6;0 now i'm at whatever it is now.



Submitted by falcon wings on Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello there. Your internet worked just fine before you updated? Because if you don't have any routers to strenghthen the signels near you, this is indeed what happens usually. a network with strenghth to about 50 will almost lose connectivity,at least for me it does. its not just IOS but a few nokia phones,my laptop,android devices that do the same,too. It also depends on the walls you have between your device and the modem,anything else which can interfere with the signels. I.E microwave if I remember it right.