iOs/iPadOs 14.2 and intercom

iOS and iPadOS

Do not contribute often on here, but think I discovered a bug in iOs/iPadOs 14.2 and the intercom feature. When I intercom my iPhone 7+ and iPad 6th generation to my Homepod also running 14.2, that works absolutely fine. However, when I intercom from my Homepod to my iPhone 7+/iPad 6th generation, it does not play back at all. To top it all off, I cannot even change when to receive notifications to my devices. All I can select is never. Iknow it works overall though, as I listened to a podcast demonstrating the feature, not on Applevis I admit but one done by Mr David Woodbridge who I'm not sure is still active on here, however I know he was in the past.
Any help greatly appreciated before considering writing to Apple Accessibility on the matter. Thank you in advance.