IOS11 Can't Play Shoutcast Streams

iOS and iPadOS

I recently upgraded to IOS11 from IOS10.3.

I have came across what I consider a major bug. IOS11 can't play shoutcast streams.

Under IOS10.3 and previous versions dating back to 9 I was able to play them bye typing the direct link in the address bar. The player would come up and the stream played.

Under 11 the player comes it appears to buffer the stream but there is no audio.

I called Apple tech-support about the problem and they saw the same issue. They could play the audio on IOS10 devices but not on any of the 11 devices they tried.

I have an on-going trouble ticket with Apple and they have reported the bug up the chain of command.

Whether they fix it is another matter. The tech-support person told me that it is a matter of how many complaints they get that sets their priorities.

So all I can say is upgrade to IOS11 at your own risk.

If apple can't or won't fix the bug I probably downgrade to IOS10.3 if possible.

I will keep everyone on this list in the loop.

Dave Marthouse