iOS Keyboard VS Fleksy (Happy Typing)

iOS & iPadOS
Hello fokes. I'd like to share my thoughts and opinion with other users about my prefered typing keyboards to input text. I've been using Fleksy Keyboard since the first day of purchase from the AppStore on fall 2012. I love how fast and acurate I use to type on Fleksy, it was a new typing experience for me. When the iPhone 5S came out this fall things have been changed, the processor on the iPhone 5S has made my typing experience better and much faster than previous iPhones using the iOS keyboard. I applied the same typing tecneeq I learned from Fleksy and had good results I can say. One feature I really love about Fleksy is browsing through the list of word suggestions, while in iOS keyboard I couldn't brows the list of available suggestions. Another reason I don't use Fleksy in my iPhone 5S because I couldn't change the default iOS input keyboard to Fleksy and type in using other languages such as Arabic. The iOS keyboard in my opinion does a great job for me. I am very pleased to hear other users ideas and know what do they like the most.



Submitted by Cat on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I have tried to learn how to touch type for quite awhile now, but still I have problems. I use Fleksy a lot on my four S, because it makes it easier to type for me. Granted if I have to jot down a note or something I need to get a bluetooth keyboard for this but Fleksy does the job for the most part.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

personally both keyboard input work good. I was flecsy beta tester using an iPhone 4S now I use an iPhone 5S and there allot of features on the own iOS keyboard that you can type faster personally I don't use Flecsy any more. May you have seen a podcast that I did couple years ago about how to use check spell and auto correct using the iOS keyboard. also remember on iOS7 using touch typing all the keys just need once touch also if you go at Settings// general// keyboard// you can add short cuts pper example af_____ after ttyl____ talk to you later hry____ how are you? gd___ goodmorning and so more. I been using the own iOS keyboard for many years and I feel more confortable with it. also remember iOS own keyboard is bilt on it and flecsy you need to do couple actions sach copy, add. ETCETERA. I don't say any thing bad to flecsy but I prefer iOS keyboard rather of Flecsy.