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Hi, I've noticed some changes in how VO functions after upgrading to IOS 9... Or maybe it was IOS 8... haha Can't remember for sure,. but things I've noticed:
- When I go to listen to voicemails, before I can turn on the speaker by lifting my phone to my ear and pulling away, but doesn't work now...
- When I call someone, I can do the same gesture to turn on the speaker before, but now, when the call is answered, it goes back to the earphone speaker.
I find having to physically find the speaker button and tapping it is very inconvenient.

Is this a bug or did apple do this on purpose?



Submitted by ellzagirliegirl on Saturday, April 2, 2016

I have to say I have noticed this as well, and it is frustrating. Hopefully Apple do something about it in their next update. Although I don't use the phone app very much, when I do having to navigate it is tricky.

Submitted by Luke on Friday, April 8, 2016

I have noticed those issues, and also just a slow but steady degradation of voiceover integration with iOS in general. As they make the operating system more advanced, it seems like voiceover is falling further and further behind. I remember when I first got my iPhone 4 into thousand 10. Everything just works so seamlessly! from there, slowly but steadily, things got buggier and less reliable. I worry that someday these phones will no longer be accessible to the blind.

Submitted by Taeshim on Thursday, April 28, 2016

So sad to see voiceover getting worse with each update, it seems like... I know that they may have added on some nice functions to VO since ios 6, but I wish that didn't mess with the basics that used to work so well... Miss the ios that came with the phone when I first got my iPhone... I was so happy to have an accessable phone. I guess I still am grateful for VO, but wondering if I should convert to an android next time and get the screen reader ap which supposedly works really well... *sigh* If others that have experienced this issue could email apple as well, that would be great! The more of us speak out about it, they may do something about it... Thanks!