iOS 9.3.3 update and Overdrive app

iOS and iPadOS

Since updating to iOS 9.3.3 on my ipad mini 4 yesterday, I can no longer complete downloads of audiobooks onto my Overdrive app. It goes into "Waiting" mode and does not shift from it. Have tried re-downloading the books and a hard restart of the ipad, all with no sucess.
I have however been able to download onto my old ipad mini 1 (which I have not updated to 9.3.3).

Any suggestions, apart from "just use your old ipad"?




Submitted by BlackCat on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Under settings, general, reset on my iPhone 6S does the setting: "Erase all content and settings" means I will loose all music, tones and apps? Will VoiceOver be deactivated? I want to choose this method to delete my current Apple ID and then create a new one.