iOS 9.1

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Hi all;

I have recently downloaded iOS 9.1 onto my iPhone 5C. I hoped that, just as the initial leap to 9.0, the 9.1 upgrade would not seriously compromise the speed and overall feeling of continuity. I can inform you with immense pleasure, that iOS 9.1 has done just fine in this respect. I'm very pleased with the small yet significant VoiceOver bug fixes, and would urge anyone on an iPhone 5 or above running iOS 9.0x to upgrade to iOS 9.1. You won't be disappointed. For those of you still using your trusty 4S, I perhaps wouldn't recommend the upgrade if you haven't been running a version of 9. Although I think all of the horrible VoiceOver bugs have now been dealt with, I highly doubt: partially based on personal experience, that the iPhone 4S will face the challenge of running software 4 years after its birth with optimal results. If your phone is not essential to you - a testing device perhaps -, then go ahead; VoiceOver shouldn't cause you problems. But to ensure the reliability of your 4S, maybe remaining on 8x isn't such a bad idea. But overall, a fantastic release - thank you Apple!