iOS 8.3 stock podcasts app problem

iOS and iPadOS

Hi. I put iOS 8.3 on my 4s. I have not tried the stock podcasts app in previous versions of iOS 8, so I am not sure if this is a new or old problem and I searched this site but nobody else seems to have reported having this problem. Anyhow, my problem is when I subscribe to a podcast, then go to the feed and try to download podcasts, every time I click a download button to download a podcast, VO takes me back to the top of the feed so I have to flick down through the podcasts I have already downloaded to get to the one I want to download. Also, even though I set the number of episodes to keep to unlimited and set it to download all even unplayed episodes, then left the phone unlocked and podcasts in the forground all night, when I got up, not all the podcasts in the feed were downloaded, only the new ones were. I know it's not a space problem as the phone is empty. Anyone else had any of these problems or know how to fix them? Thank you.