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Hi friends! I've just recently installed Ios 7 on my iPhone 5. I think it's working great whith VO. But a little bit problem that it does work slow for example in the Facebook app, when I'll scroll by swiping thorugh others status the VO reads little bit slow than before. I use the fastest speed to 100%. I have also checked another one settings for VO and I can not find anything to change voice tempo. I would also like to say that it isn't so much differenting by VO only few gestured maybe 3-4.



Submitted by Kara Louise on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hi. Try turning on reduce motion found in settings, general, accessibility. Kara

1. clear all apps out of your switcher to free up ram. 2. turn your device off and back on to free up ram. 3. turn on compact voice. compact voice is faster because it uses less ram. When I have slow voice over, doing these things help a lot.

Submitted by Brooke on Thursday, September 19, 2013

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I've noticed this too; VO seems to lag a bit at times. It's not constant, but it's noticeable.

Submitted by otrlibrary on Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am also seeing slower response in several areas. iPhone 4s with 64GB. Changing pages between home screen and sub pages is sluggish. Calendar items are slow to come up on notification screen when you pull it down. On the other hand the rotor control is to touchy and it is much easier to overshoot your selection.

Submitted by Raul on Thursday, September 19, 2013

Also, there are some problems with VO's focus and the touch screen, sometimes it goes to the next item witout wanting it to do that. And there is a problem with unlocking sound, with VO active there isn't any. I will write to and tell them all the problems i find, I suggest you doing the same, if only one person writes there would be no change.

Yes the touch gestures are over senstive and this is v apparent when trying to move apps into folders etc. Also, sometimes when reading by word, VO hesitates and then speaks two words in a row like when reading a text message word by word

Submitted by Guest on Thursday, September 19, 2013

4S is a bit slow from my experience and comments heard. I don't know whether it's my own problem or not. The handwriting cannot be used with VO crashes (automatically restart VO). And, I'm really frightened by the battery life. Anyway, I'm now downloading high-quality speech with regret...

Well, I've just realized that there isn't any alert like "screen darken" before getting to screen-locked mode. Perhaps, Apple thinks that the blind doesn't need to know whether the screen is dark or not. But sorry to say that, I need it reminding me when I'm doing some screenlocked-free tasks.

Does anyone know if turning on the reduced motion will help apps load quicker? I have noticed that some apps take a bit to load there content and would love to be able to speed this up. Thanks

Submitted by Brooke on Thursday, September 19, 2013

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I turned on Reduced Motion and didn't notice a difference.

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