IOS 7 intermittent sending of I-Messages

iOS & iPadOS
I've been using IOS 7 for about 5 days now and I've been plagued by problems sending messages to my contacts who also have iPhones. (Using Fleksy through favorites or messaging). Thinking this was a Fleksy problem with IOS 7 I went to their site and under news they say that the issue of problems sending I-Messages with IOS 7 will probably be addressed with the forthcoming 7.03 IOS update. So, this is an Apple issue, Apple is aware of it, and it is planned to be addressed. My thanks to the Fleksy folks for posting this on their site, as the problem is intermittent and driving me crazy.



According to the research I've done, this is a known Apple IOS 7 problem. I admit I haven't noticed a problem when sending text messages without using Fleksy, but since i use Fleksy for virtually all of my text messaging and since the problem is intermittent, it seems likely that I just haven't hit the problem when messaging without Fleksy. It also appears to only be an issue with I-Messages, not for messages sent to non-iPhone users.

This problem also occurs in MBraille. I haven't had it when sending a message through the Messages app, but both Fleksy and MBraille seem to have this issue. As for the work around that Chris mentioned with re-sending, can you point me towards how to do that? Thanks.