ios 6 update question

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I'm in the process of updating to IOS 6, but I have a question. It downloaded the update and then my ipod said it was rebooting. I've read that this can take awhile, but it's been over a half hour. If I push the unlock button, I hear nothing, so I can only assume it hasn't rebooted yet. Is this normal? How long does the reboot processor normally take?



Submitted by James Dean on Thursday, September 20, 2012

I updated my 4S yesterday. The phone seemed to be completely turned off, not even vibrating when I flipped the mute/unmute switch, but it must have actually been updating, because about 45 minutes to an hour after it seemed to be a brick, it started talking at me. If you have the high-quality voice set, be aware that it will be set back to the compact voice until you are once again connected to Wifi. Once I was connected to Wifi once again, it switched back to the high-quality Samantha almost immediately, requiring no further action on my part.

Submitted by Lisa on Thursday, September 20, 2012

I had a pair of headphones plugged into the ipod while it was downloading. After it rebooted, I was hearing no sound coming out. When I unplugged the headphones, voice over started talking to me, so something weird happened with that. But now it's all set up, and everything seems to be working properly. And thanks for the tip on the premium voices.