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Hello All Apple Vis Members: As some of you know, Apple has just released iOS 6 Beta 4 today. One of the default apps that have been shipping with the iPhone for quite some time (Youtube) has been removed as of today. An article on Ars Technica says that Apple has made a statement about the issue in question. Apple said “"Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store. The full article can be viewed at Hopefully the Youtube app will be accessible!



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

well, you say about future youtube app but I think flipboard can be a good help! it supports youtube and allows to watch, share and like videos don't know if flipboard itself uses youtube internal app i know it uses iPhone's predefined video player. the trouble is flipboard does not allow to comment a video and read other users' comments

Submitted by Karl on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I have been trying out this app I heard of called Tubeacco. It is a far more advanced app than is available in iOS 5. While unfortunately not free, it is completely accessible and I would highly recommend it.

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Hi Karl, I've heard Tubeacco has some accessibility issues e.g. unlabelled buttons, etc. What have your experiences been? Also, is there a way to view video descriptions? Thanks, Michael

Submitted by treky fan on Friday, August 10, 2012

In reply to by Karl

I got this app a few days ago, and it does ok as far as navigating goes. However, I do run in to one little problem, on the screen of a video there is a thing that says something like, play youtube movie. i double-tap this and nothing happened. Once I find the video I want how can I get it to play?

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