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Hey all, My girlfriend has an iPhone 5. The first few days she used it, she saw huge difference between her iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in terms of battery life. Now, she says and I've noticed this myself when I use her phone that her drains pretty queckly. For example, one minute it's at 68% and the next couple minuteis it goes down to about 54% or so. The iPhone used to last about a day or so before needed to charged. Now, it doesn't even last about 6 hours before needing a charge. She doesn't run that much apps and she closes a lot of them when she's done. She doesn't have wifi, location service, or Bluetooth on at all times. I've shown her how to turn those off when she's sure she's not gonna need them. Any other tips on what could be causing this.



Submitted by Joe on Monday, January 28, 2013

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My only thought is LTE but even that wouldn't drain it that quickly. Try doing two things. 1. run the battery down and charge it up to 100 you need to do this once a month at least 2. do a reset and clean install. Also maybe its an app she installe that runs gps location services or something take a look at those ideas.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First tur down you're brightness this a big reason why you're battery is going away faster then it shoud be. Second turn off some notifications this will also improve you're battery life. next turn off push mail this also stops apple mail from being pushed so often that will increase you're battery life. next turn off location services this also improves battery life use location services only when needed on you're travels. next keep the phone in room tempature two much heat and you're battery life could decrease at a alarming rate. if you can when not using you're phone lock it by all means lock it because the longer it stays awake the faster you're battery dies. next if you can when charging iPhone to make it charge at a alarming rate turn it off when charging phone. One more thing if you can if you really want to increase you're battery life I know this might mean turning off cel data and wifi but this is a last effert attempt to save you're battery turn on airplane mode. Airplane mode is used on planes when flying but it can also be a battery saverwhen traveling on long trips and you know you won't have access to a charger.

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Believe it or not, wifi actually uses a lot less battery power than cell data so it could actually be the cell data especially if she lives in a area where the phone struggles to get good signal and must constantly search. Then again she would have had the same problems with the 4s. Switching off bluetooth is good and as also suggested totally run down the battery and fully charge it again. As a last resort take it back to Apple, it might be a folty battery, in fact I would highly recommend taking it back because it's obviously still under warrentee

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Onemore thing about battery life if you can do not enable any EQ settings for you're music because that can decrease you're battery life at a alarming rate.

Submitted by Spectroflame on Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Hi, Theres an app which helps increasing the battery life and gets the most out of your battery. It's called Battery Pro and can be found on the appstore. It costs something about $2.00 I think. Hope that helps Sascha

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I have had no issues wiht battery life in ios 6, except whenI have zello running and I forget as I fall asleep. I do agree wiht the other statements though. Use common sense when using any smart phone.c

hi, firstly, a note. WiFi no longer drains the battery faster then cell data does. this used to be true, but for some time now, i have noticed that turning off the WiFi, and going to 3g / LTE, actually does not drain the battery that fast at all. another thing, when you drain your battery to cycle it completely, about once every 2 to 4 weeks, drain it right down, till the phone actually switches itself off. do not start charging it when it gets really low. wait till it switches itself off, give it about 20 minutes of time to use up a bit more charge, then plug it in. when it reaches the fully charged state, leave it plugged in for at least 2 hours. then, disconnect it and drain it again. then charge it once more. after that, use it as normal. question. is the iPhone being charged when it has about 30 to 50 percent left? or is it being driven all the way down to 5 to 20 percent, then charged. this can make a difference. always charge your iphone when its around 30 to 50 percent if you can. preferably, if you know your going to be out, give it a bit of a charge, even if its still got 80 percent or something. this will not harm your battery. they are in fact, designed to work this way, and working these types of batteries any other way, can damage their capacity to store power. my iPhone 5 on average, uses up about 30 to 50 percent of its charge each day. unless i play heavy games or something. however, if none of these posts help, i would say to definitely take it back to apple and get it checked / replaced.