IOS 14.1 found great use for voiceover recognition!

iOS & iPadOS

I wanted to let you all know I found a great use for IOS14.1 voiceover recognition! if I turn it on in Safari, turn off voiceover sounds, and play a Japanese anime video, from one of my favorite anime websites... Normally I cannot watch it, it is all Japanese with English subtitles! well guess what? not anymore, now all those videos are accessible! just turn on screen recognition for Safari, load up a subtitled Japanese anime video, turn off voiceover sounds, sit back and enjoy as voiceover happily reads all the english subtitles to you! I love it love it love it!! and also, upon further testing, the Jeopardy world tour game is now accessible with voiceover recognition! Madden nfl is partially accessible but not enough to successfully play it. If you find any games that work with the new voiceover recognition please let me know.