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Hello everybody,
I have resisted my temptation to upgrade to iOS14 for a long time. After the painful experience of iOS13.
I have read many posts about problems and I am really hesitant because the only thing that I seem to like is the OCR recognition of the webpages. My questions are as follows:
1. Is the jumping focus bug fixed? From what I recall also in Google search which I use a lot and also in Safari the focus jumps a lot and it is really problematic to navigate some webpages. Is this still true for many of you?
2. From what I read, in the mail app, when you delete an email the focus jumps back into the beginning of the inbox. This was introduced in iOS13 and never got really fixed although it is appeared fixed according to the bug report here in applevis. But from my last understanding it was not fixed in iOS14 either. Since some people use to get this bug and some not is there anybody who had the issue in iOS13 but got it fixed in iOS14?
3. Is voice recognition automatic, for example from some posts I read, understood that some things are read automatically. However when OCR recognition is turned on specifically, I understand that some times it is very annoying. I have seen only a couple of games that are better, so I am not sure if it's worth it only for that to upgrade to iOS14.
4. The other reason I wanted to upgrade, was because Siri would be smarter, but it's not the case. Siri is smarter no matter what the iOS version but Apple market it, so that people who listened to the iOS14 original presentation thought that this was only an iOS14 fix.
5. Have you had any issues that made your experience worse in iOS14 than iOS13? What are your thoughts?
Thank you very much for your replies.
P.S. I got burned for six months waiting for all the issues (except the mail jumping back) to be fixed, so I prefer not to upgrade just to be on the safe side. However since all of us want to believe that newer is better, can you persuade me? :-)



Submitted by Khushi on Friday, April 9, 2021

firstly I don't use the native male app so I can't answer that question.
secondly, I'v an IPhone 6s so no OCR capabilities either. yes sometimes there are a lot of discriptions but you can turn container discriptions off.. I don't know how but I remember reading somethign about it here at applevis. it doesn't annoy me much..
thirdly yes, I no-longer have focus issues as of IOS 14.4.1
I had the same focus issues as you mentioned in google search and safari but they're all fixed.. I guess they were in 14.4 or something I'm not sure.
IOS 14 is stable as compared to 13 so I think you can upgrade unless you use a braille display because I've heard there are some connectivity issues with some of the displays out there. but I don't use any braille display so for me its stable and I'm happy and excited for 14.5.
hope this helps :)

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Friday, April 9, 2021

I had focus issues in the beginning with Safar, and other apps, but they've been fixed.
If you have 14, and the mail app gives you grief, you can change default browser and mail apps. Haven't tried this, so don't know how much that will help, but it's worth a shot if you have issues.
If you use BSI. maybe hold off. Braille displays had issues, but have been fixed now. Honestily, it depends on your use case. I can understand some bugs may appear for others and not appear for others. But a lot of it depends on how you use your device. I will say if you use braille displays, an update was released to fix those issues, and I've heard that if the issue persists, unpairing the display and repairing it on both the display and IOS. device works to officially fix it.

Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Saturday, April 10, 2021

i cannot give any direct comments but i can give some advice being an apple user since 1987 and just a tech person in general. sometimes with software there are show stopping bugs if you think about it for a minute its a miracle that any of this stuff works at all. all of the millions of lines of code and only a few bugs?

A friend has an axiom that i have subscribed to he uses Apple speficially but it can apply to any technology product. never use for the first version of new software and don't use the 2nd version either use the 3rd version that fixed the bugs from the 2nd version that came from trying to fix the first version.

in otherwords once you at the 3rd or 4th release of new software/hardware its usually pretty stable.

Submitted by Pax on Saturday, April 10, 2021

I was using IOS 14.3 too, and it has one bug for me, but since 14.4 the issue disappeared.
I’m using IOS since hristmas.
I now have latest IOS possible, and it’s stable.

Submitted by Daniel Angus MacDonald on Sunday, April 11, 2021


I’ve been beta testing iOS 14 since the innicial public beta. It is stable and the braille display bugs with surtain displays have been fixt in iOS 14.4.1. A security issue has been found so they fixt it in iOS 14.4.2. I now run the developer betas and though I can’t go into spasifics, iOS 14.5 is a big update with lots of useful features and everyone will love it! Not sure when it will be publicly available, Apple doesn’t tell developers and public beta testers that. There are always people who speculate though, and they are saying Apple will have an event sometime in April. We shal see what they unvale their.

Submitted by Blackadder on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dear all,
Thank you for your comments. I guess I'll have to wait until 14.5 to be certain no new bugs have been introduced, since more people will test it.
Was there any feature of Ios13 you really like about?
Thank you very much.