iOS 13: Run Siri shortcuts using customized VoiceOver gestures

iOS & iPadOS

Setting up Siri shortcuts and assign them to a customized VoiceOver gesture works great. For example, I plan to use it for opening my favorite apps with 2-finger or 4-finger gestures which weren't assigned to VoiceOver actions yet. A 2-finger swipe to the right could now run a specific app very quickly and from any screen. In practice, every time I run a shortcut I'm asked to confirm before running it. Can I deactivate this behaviour somehow?





Submitted by viphoana on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I read the comment above but cannot find any way to open a shortcut or app with a gesture. How can this be done? I thought it was impossible. Thanks!

Submitted by cool cat on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hi! go to settings>accessibility>voiceover>commands>all commands> then flick 10 or 11 times or so to the right, then double tap on Siri Shortcuts, then double tap on the short cut you want, then double tap on add gesture or if you wish add keyboard shortcut, then assign a gesture