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I have been using iOS 12 since the beta, and generally I'm very happy with it. However, there is one issue I'm experiencing that I haven't seen mentioned before, which is that notifications on the lock screen are not fully announced. Say, for example, that I get a notification from YouTube. VoiceOver will normally say "YouTube", then the time, then the content of the notification. However, in iOS 12, and only on the lock screen, the content of the notifications is not announced, which makes lock screen notifications pretty much useless and requires me to go to the notification centre if I want to know what notification I got, which is very annoying. Anyone else having this issue?
In other news, the word "notification" has lost all meaning :)



Submitted by Lee on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hi, I'm not having this. Can't remember from iOS 11 but in 12 I just get told how many notifications I'm on since I last unlocked the phone. However, I can then flick and read who sent the notification and the contents without opening the phone. I'm on iPhone 8. One weird thing is I've recently noticed that certain notification tones repeat a few seconds after they come in. So you may thinkyou have two notifications when you have only 1. Only happens with certain notifications though. Very odd that.

Submitted by Lukas on Thursday, October 18, 2018

LordLuceus, have you double checked your restriction settings? It might theoretically be possible that you have restricted access to notifications from the lock screen. The restrictions section of settings has been moved from Privacy to Screen time on iOS 12. In my opinion, it doesn't belong there at all, but what can I do about it... :-D Another option is that you may have disabled displaying notification previews on the lock screen. If nothing else helps, trying to first restart VoiceOver and then eventually the phone itself usually helps me with 99 % of all the various weird glitches that I experience with VoiceOver from time to time.

Lee, if the repetitive notifications only occur with messages for you, then this is something that also used to puzzle me for ages. In the settings for mesage notifications, there is an option (forgot what exactly it's called but it's self-explanatory) that determines whether or not the notification for each received message should be repeated a second time after a while. You will hear the notification another time but as far as I remember, you only have one actual notification in the notification center. Needless to say I turned this off the very instant I found out about it. :-)

It might also be possible that some other apps have a similar setting in their notifications page or inside the in-app settings pannel, if the given app has one.

Hope this helps,

Submitted by Lee on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thanks Lukas will double check all apps.

Submitted by LordLuceus on Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Yes, notification previews on the lock screen were disabled, but I didn't do that, which is why I was so confused and thought it was a VoiceOver issue. Thanks.

Submitted by Kerby on Thursday, October 18, 2018

I also noticed sometimes when I have notifications on the lock screen and I unlock the screen to do something else, the old notifications reappear the next time I lock the screen and look at the lock screen even though I dismissed those notifications the last time I unlocked the screen.

This might perhaps be the bug I have first noticed since the early iOS 12 betas and it unfortunately persists up until now, where sometimes VoiceOver fails to register the double tap gesture properly, even though it makes the corresponding sound. This has mostly appeared inside of an app, although once or twice I seem to remember it occurring even on the home screen or on a notification. Basically, no matter how many times you double tap something, it doesn't get clicked once VoiceOver has entered this state. Restarting VoiceOver fixes the problem, and if it occurs within an app, sometimes you also have to kill the app in question and start it up again. I believe I had to restart the entire phone to fix this only once or twice so far. However, this issue doesn't pop up very frequently. I've had instances where it didn't pop its head out on me for days.

Submitted by Lee on Thursday, October 18, 2018

Re post 5. I've had exactly the same issue. I unlock the phone and when I lock again the old notifications appear. Seems to be only the last one I deleted or no more than one reappears. Doesn't happen very often so I wasn't totally sure I had actually dismissed the notification in the first place. Even if I hadn't though I wouldn't have thought it should appear again.

Submitted by Kerby on Thursday, October 18, 2018

I have that same double tap issue too. I usually end up restarting the phone and it clears up for a while.