iOS 10 on iPad Mini 2nd Generation

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I just have a simple question to ask that relates to iOS 10. I have an iPad Mini 2nd Generation and I was just curious to know how the Mini 2nd Generation performs with iOS 10, does it perform sluggish or does it perform just as fast and snappy then it does on iOS 9?

Another stupid question is how does iOS 10 run and perform on an iPhone 6 Plus, is it just as snappy as it is with iOS 9?




Submitted by Serena on Thursday, September 15, 2016

hi there, i've got it on my iPad mini2, and it's running well. it's not more sluggish then ios 9. if anything, slightly faster. and if my iphone 6 is anything to go by, and considering the 6 plus has a slightly faster clocked CPU i think, it runs just fine on there too. other then the small ios 10 bugs which hopefully will be fixed quickly, everything is going well so far.