Inviting facebook friends with the latest Hanging With Friends update

iOS and iPadOS
Hi. I don't usually get a lot of responses when I post something in the forums, but I hope to get some responses here. I updated Hanging With friends to the latest version yesterday, and the game itself is very much still usable and quite fun. The problems start in the area of the game where you invite friends from Facebook. In the earlier versions, you would hear hanging with, followed by your facebook friend's name. However, in this latest version, Zynga has done something that prevents you from hearing your facebook friend's name. When swiping through the list of facebook friends, all you hear now is, facebook friend, 1 day ago. facebook friend, 2 days ago. facebook friend, a week ago. The only way of being able to tell who the facebook friend is is to double tap an you'll be told who it is, but I think this is kind of a step back. I always like to know who i'm inviting to a game. So i'm wanting to know if anyone else has noticed this, and if so, is there a way of hearing your facebook friend's name when inviting them to play a game? Any ideas are appreciated for sure! by the way, I should add that if you're playing a game with someone it still annnounces their names, so that part is still fixed, which is a good thing. I hope i haven't confused you guys here. Thanks! Update you can still invite someone to a game of Hanging with Friends if you know their Zynga username, so until they work out this issue with Facebook friends we'll have to invite people using that. I tried contacting the Zynga folks but kept going in circles. Even reported the audio breakup issue to them via twitter and haven't gotten a response back. Really disappointed.