Introducing Supersense AI, a simpler and smarter scanning app

iOS and iPadOS

Hello friends,

I am Emre, the co-founder of Mediate. We have developed the Supersense app on Android to help people find objects and scan documents. Thousands of people use our app every week worldwide. For months, people have been asking us to bring Supersense to iOS.

Also, we heard from many people that they want a simpler, faster, friendlier, more accurate, and more comprehensive scanning app that everyone can use. In the last few months, I talked to more than 100 people and conducted in-person testing with at least 20 people to understand what people really need.

We finally finished developing the first version of our iOS app with lots of new features. You can access it here. I would love to get your feedback on it.

By using Supersense, you can scan and read any type of physical document with enhanced accuracy. For people who don’t want to deal with lots of menus and buttons, it has a Smart Scanning mode which will automatically detect whether you want to quickly read a piece of text, a long document or currency. For people who would like assistance on how to point the camera for a document, it has an Auto-guidance feature that helps you on how to hold the phone for the most accurate results. Once the text is recognized, you can navigate the text blocks and share it to other apps.

We are working hard to continue developing our app with new features such as handwriting, barcode and any other needs that we hear from you.

Are you a current Supersense user? What do you think about these new features? What other feature do you think could help this community the most? I would appreciate any feedback.




Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hello. I tested out your app, here's some feedback. First, the menu has items that act like buttons, but are not spoken as such. so settings, speech engine, subscription to name a few, should be labeled as buttons. It's obvious when you push them what they do, it might help others who might need that confirmation that this is a button. Second, when you are on the subscriptions tab, the prices are not show until you almost buy the subscription. Also, thank you for putting in a lifetime subscription. I'd personally like to see that rather then a yearly one especially on a currency identifying app. Third, the currency was very inaccurate. I know I have a $20 bill. The first time, it said I had a 100 bill, the second, a 5 dollar bill. I'd rather have the hundred. :) I did not manage to get it to read my credit card. Also I did not find the guidance feature you were mentioning, maybe I just didn't see it. Finally, When someone chooses something other than the quick text option, it would be easier to have it activate instead of an explanation then a close button. Now if this works for others, maybe there could be a setting that might turn off that type of hint so those who are a bit more advanced might be able to skip that step. All in all, i thank you for creating this and look forward to other features in the next version.

Submitted by Gerardo on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Wil it be available someday here in Mexico and Lati America? I tried going to the App Store and it said Esta app no está disponible actualmente en tu país o región, which is disappointing! I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

Hey Gerardo,

Thanks for the response. We only released the app to countries that primarily speak English because we haven't invested the time to localize the app yet.
However, I do really want to hear your feedback. I am attaching below our TestFlight link that should allow any Applevis member to access it from anywhere in the world:

Let me know if it works for you.


Submitted by HEXAGON on Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Before I'm going to test this app, I would like to know whether Supersense does support German as input language. I don't care about the interface language but I would need German text recognition.

Hey Siobhan,

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback.
We will fix the button problem and the subscription page problem as soon as possible.
The currency accuracy is something we are already working on. We have been collecting more data to improve our Machine Learning models.
The guidance works especially when you are trying to scan a longer document. We thought that it is not as necessary when we can quickly read whatever we are seeing.
We will think about how to handle your preference on not wanting to see too many explanations.

Again, these are great feedback. If you have more, please keep them coming.

Submitted by Dennis Long on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hi, could you have a sale on our life time license at some point? Thanks.

Submitted by Emre on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Hello friends,

Hope you all are healthy and doing well in these tough days that we are going through. We have been working hard to continue making improvements on our Supersense iOS app and I wanted to share the latest updates:

1) We have fixed the problem for iOS versions 11 and 12. Now you can access the app even if you have an earlier version

2) We have improved short text and money recognition and now you can read any types of text or currency faster and will have more accurate results from different camera angles

3) Flash mode selection is added to the settings which automatically adjusts your flashlight to provide better text recognition results

4) An experimental barcode reader is added to Smart Scanner mode. Now you can scan a barcode and hear product details

In the upcoming weeks, we will be improving the barcode scanner with additional information about the products and will add more currencies to the app such as British Pound, Euro’s, Australian and Canadian dollars.

Some of these features are not yet available in the Android version of Supersense. We will make a new release in Android with additional features.

Have you been using Supersense? What else would you like us to work on?

If you haven’t had a chance to try the Supersense yet, you can access it here.

If you would like to access our Android app, you can use this link:



Submitted by Andy Lane on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hi, As I’m sure most of us have, I have used loads of these scanning apps, some are better than others but I’ve had pretty good luck with Seeing AI for most stuff and voicedream scanner for long documents which Seeing AI is terrible with for some reason. I have to say though I have never been this impressed the first time I used a scanning app, it was able to read from a curved bottle better than any app I’ve tried so far and the instructions seem helpful where usually they are just annoying and don’t give any useful information. The first couple of things I’d like to change are the voice, I’d like to use the Siri voices but I don’t see that option, even just to use the default iOS voice. The other thing is the price, I’m not sure if this is something you have control over but my opinion is that you will have more luck getting people signed up if you half the cost. If thats not possible I would rather see a good app stay around and continue getting support and updates but I really think it would help if you could reduce the cost by 50%, that moves it from a conscious decision to an impulse buy which is easier for people to justify. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts but the main take away is WOW my initial impression is very good indeed. I don’t know if you are looking at colour ID yet but if you are having luck where others have failed again and again I’d be amazed. :). If you don’t know already colour ID apps and features are on the whole a complete joke and not even worth bothering with at the moment.

Submitted by Dennis Long on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hi, I agree your lifetime license price needs to be lower about half the cost. I won't purchase at this price.