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Hi everyone, I have created a simple checklist iOS application, CheckMate which was recently released on the App Store. CheckMate was created in 2017. Back then, I was looking for a simple checklist application and I found tonnes of such applications. I have downloaded a few of them to try however I could not find one that suit my need of having categorization of items as most of them require manual indentation to do so.

This triggered the idea of creating my own checklist application. Without any experience or knowledge on Swift Programming, I began by learning through tutorials posted by Apple and those found on the web. The knowledge I gained from these tutorials help me to create my first prototype and eventually into a working CheckMate application.

Being both the developer and also the user, I would sometimes wonder if anyone might also be looking for an application with such feature. As a result, I decided to put it up on App Store and hope to share with people who have such a need.



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Congratulations on the release of your app.

You did not mention VoiceOver in your post. Is it safe to assume that because you chos to share information about your app on this forum that it is fully accessible with VoiceOver?

Submitted by PoliRoy on Monday, April 22, 2019

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Thank you.

I would like to apologize that the application is not fully accessible with VoiceOver as there are limitation to certain features in the application.