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Hi all. I'm not sure anyone's done a well thought out podcast about Instagram. I know the app is more accessible then it used to be. What I don't know is how to interact iwth it besides finding a photo and sharing it that way. I also would like to know how to write a comment and send a private message I think? Thanks for any help. Also, I know you can use alt text for blind people so that they can appreicate the photos. I shalemessly don't do that, I just describe in the captions. Again, something to elaborate on.



Submitted by alex wallis on Sunday, August 4, 2019

I tried to help mum with Instagram a while back but didn't get on with it, full of unlabeled buttons etc. I doubt you will have many people interested in this topic, as sad to say, but at least from my point of view I don't bother with photos even if they have alt text or caption text, as it gives a vague idea of what is in a photo but with no sight at all I think its virtually pointless trying to use something like Instagram, as we can't appreciate the photo and have to rely on some basic description for even a small sense of what is in it. I have my reddit set up to filter out pictures entirely and would certainly love to do the same with facebook, twitter etc.

Submitted by Queenofeagles07 on Sunday, August 4, 2019

open the instagram app, then swipe write. after few swipes voice over'll say (username), 2 hours ago, 10 likes for example. When it says that swipe down with one finger. it'll say like. swipe again, it'll say comment. swipe again, it'll say share post. If you dubble click when it says like, you'll like the post
hope it helps
and for sending a dm, you can search the username in discovery page, then click on his/her profile, then click send message, then write your message, then send

Submitted by Khushi on Monday, August 5, 2019

Instagram is accessible for us, if not fully.
I only use Instagram since I'm less than 18.
though not many people use it, the Alt text feature is amazing. just they need to bring it in front a little. it's hidden.
also you cannot access stories of other people but rest is accessible.
the automatically generated Alt text is similar to that of facebook and you can add your own.
I've witnessed it improving in terms of accessibility since June last year when I started using it. mostly buttons are labelled.
I think you should try it.

Submitted by Siobhan on Monday, August 5, 2019

Hi. First, I have instagram, Irish_storm if anyone wants to add me. i put up photos of me for instance on a motorcycle the other day, or playing with a sweet dog. Nothing inapropriate at all. To @alex Wallace, I understand your desire not to want pictures in any part of your twitter feed etc, and my only problem with Facebok, is sometimes the text is read, sometimes not. Either all or nothing in my view. I use pictures because it's a part of life, and i want to interact visually as much as possible with those around me. To the second poster who gave me the exact things i was asking about, thank you so much. Hope to chat with some of you on Insa soon if you so wish.

Submitted by Siobhan on Monday, August 5, 2019

I don't use the stories feature on fb so I'm not sure what it's about. can you go into a bit of detail? Also if I wanted to put up a video, how do I do that? Thanks again.

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