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hello, i have had the oppurtunity, here in the uk to trial out the focus 14 braille display, and i have a few questions please. firstly, it seems a really nice display, and once configured correctly how i want it to work with the keys in ios 11 seems very responsive. my queries are; with speech on why does my phone keep toggling quicknav on and off when navigating? also, can the dot firmness be adjusted? i find the default extremely sharp as i am a fluent braille reader, and would have expected, given that this is a mobile device that this feature would have been made available to ios. i do like, as i read languages, that when i have switched say, to french, that the braille also switches. do others use the focus 14 and how do they like it? i have the 5th generation on loan. Will



Submitted by Brian Tew on Monday, February 12, 2018

Quicknav does that with my hims u2 also, I assume by design.
It goes off when you are in a text field. You cannot enter text if quicknav is on.
I think?

I can force quicknav to toggle with space-q. Then there is single-letter quicknav,
a different beast, which toggles with space-7-q.
I only discovered that by clumsiness.

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