Inconvenience when texting, am I doing this wrong?

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I am an experienced iPHONE user but one thing about texting drives me crazy. Is there an easier way to do this?
Scenario: I want to send my contact card to a friend. I text the friend, saying I am attaching my contact info to this message. There's an "attach media button" but when I select it, I can only add photos or videos, not the contact card. So I add a note saying the contact card will be attached to the next text. Then I send that text.

Next, I go in to contacts, and find my card. It's hard to get to the bottom of the card; I repeatedly single-tap with 4 fingers, and VO finally responds, putting me in the area of linked contacts. I flick up until I get to the button labeled "share contact" and double-tap that.

Next I can choose between airdrop, email and other and message -- I select message.

In the "to" field I enter part of my friend's name and he is found in my contacts. But again it's hard to get to the actual message field. I repeatedly single-tap with four fingers at the bottom of the screen, but end up accidentally entering another character in the to field, so the iPHONE helpfully adds another contact I don't want in the To field.

In exasperation, I cancel the whole thing, and start again by finding first my contact card, selecting "share contact" and then carefully entering a few characters of my friend's name.

It seems like there are two problems here. Once I'm in the "To" field, the keyboard fills half the screen, making it difficult to get to the actual message field. Plus, you can't attach anything after the fact to a message except a photo. You have to begin first with the item you want to attach before creating a message explaining what the attachment is.

I also sometimes have this problem with Mail and entering data in other apps. it seems like it's difficult to get VO to register that you want to skip past the keyboard to the other buttons you need to interact with.

What are your thoughts?



Submitted by Tangela on Friday, May 18, 2018

Okay. So, first, you don't need to do the attach media thing at all. You just start with going into contacts, and going to share contact by message, as you already said. The easiest way to fill the contact name is to start typing the first few ltters, drag your finger down slowly from the top of the screen until you hear the name of the contact you want, then double tap that. When you want to get to the message field after you have entered the contact's name, drag your finger slowly down from the middle of the screen until you find the message text field then double tap that. You can then proceed as normal, though note that you don't strictly speaking have to fill the message text field. It will still send your contact card if you just press send after select the contact.

Submitted by Shawn T on Friday, May 18, 2018

Typing the return key will move you from the to field into the body of the text, or sometimes to the next field in contacts. Like from first name to last name etc.

Submitted by peter on Friday, May 18, 2018

Yes, I don't believe you can attach a contact card from the messaging ap itself. You need to do that from the
contacts list, and then one can only send one contact card at a time.

As for getting to the bottom of the contact card dialog itself, for dialogs like this I usually start by placing my finger at the very bottom right and swiping lleft to begin navigating from the bottom of the dialog.


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