I'm looking for a way to get this body movin' - What's your favourite workout app?

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Hi everybody!

I'm looking for a way to become a little more fit. I used to exercise for several hours per week, but last years I've lost all that for different reasons and the part of me that gets the most workout nowadays is my backside, because I sit on it so much...

I have never really been friends with the gym (I preferred other types of training), and I feel unsure, unsafe and insecure walking outside alone, so I'm trying to figure out a way to do some exercising at home. You gotta get that body movin' they say. It's good for you, they say. You know the drill.

I've already browsed the App Directory hereon AppleVis, but I don't really feel any wiser. I've downloaded a couple of apps and taken a look, but I only feel confused. I don't dare to try the paid apps unless I know for sure they work with VoiceOver, because, frankly, I can't afford paying for things I can't use. I don't wanna end up with an app with visual workout descriptions only or something like that. So I'm now wondering: Could you guys help me by giving me your very best VoiceOver-friendly workout-app recommendations?

What is your favourite fitness/workout app, and why?
If it's a paid one, what makes it worth its price?

Loads of thanks in advance!

Best regards,