iFM for Griffin FM Radio for iPhone/iPod

iOS and iPadOS
Griffin's FM receiver, plugged into the dock connector, makes your iDevice into a radio. Great idea but... Griffin's own iFM app (controlling the radio) is not accessible at all. Thankfully, Wolfgang V., a German fellow, posted a work-around in a mailing list. This works but is complex and involves plugging the receiver out and in as well as switching VoiceOver and the iPod app on and off while iFM is running. Foremost, it is not the customers' job to develop solutions for compatibility issues. Griffin's tech support answered my enquiry about future updates as follows: "Unfortunately that will not work with VoiceOver. I'm not sure if we plan on making that compatible with VoiceOver, but I will definitely pass that along as a suggestions." A radio app should be straight forward enough and does not require any complex graphics. I wonder what the issue is.



Submitted by Crathbone on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Like many others I was disappointed when Griffin refused to update their ifm radio controller app.
I have found a way to still get FM radio on mi iPhone 6 ios 11.2.5 without the app. It's not perfect but it works. My Griffin dongle is WR1F-IPH5.
You need a set of ear-headphones with volume controls as the iPhone volume control does not work. Also frequencies do not appear on iPhone screen. After plugging the dongle into your iPhone you press the small white oval button on it which is on the reverse side to the description of the device.. First sound is white noise. Further presses bring up other radio stations in frequency order. Auto Lock must be set to “never” to prevent radio switching off after about 8 minutes. You soon get to recognise the radio stations. Happy listening.