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Tuesday I received my new iphone X an upgrade from my current 6S. Actually I am not sure why I suddently wanted an X but I bought it. For me the learning curve for using FaceID has been and still is much harder than I had thought. Also the new X commands are hard to get used to but that is something I can manage.
but FaceId simply after 2 days practice has a too high rate of failures to unlock the phone. Normally I disable all the terrible VO sounds they are really annoying, however I have to go back to all sounds both to be sure that the phone is unlocked but also until I am sure on the new X gestures. I would really like to be able to select the VO sounds I want, and not just to either use all sounds or none.
I was negatively surprised when I learnt that you both need to use FaceID and then swipe up to unlock the phone. Of course it makes sense if you use the screen but I would like a VO setting to go directly to the home screen or the app last used like you do when you use touchID. There are actually other sighted X users who also really want that option.
The last thing is when faceId does not recognize you, it is unclear how you force the phone to try again without having to lock the phone first. Sometimes I think it works just holding the phone horizontally and raising it towards your face. Other times the phone just insist on that you have to unlock the phone with the passscode no matter how you try to force it to try again with faceId.
Finally I seem to have more problems when there are notifications on the screen. Vo reads them out, but the tone that indicates that the phone is unlocked is drowned out by Voiceover speaking.

Of course some of these issues is caused by being an impatient user, maybe in a week they are all solved, but I still believe that faceId is not optimal when used with vo.



Submitted by Kerby on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I totally agree. I just got my iPhone x and I love it outside of the fact I'm finding it quite difficult if not impossible to set up face ID. I also would like to see an option to customize what voiceover sounds you would like turned on and off.

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

For me, face ID is loads better than TouchId. I had almost a 50% failure rate with TouchId, whereas with FaceID it is way easier. Getting it set up as someone without usable sight is really quite easy. If you have the screen lit, so you can see where the screen is, then pull the phone away from your face about a foot or so, then follow the prompts, turning your head, slowly in a circle to get the face into the camera on the front.I originally had attention awareness turned on, where you have to have your eyes open and looking at the screen, but it is sometimes difficult to do this, and FaceID will fail. So I deactivated attention aware. Apple says it is less secure, since you're not actually having your eyes open and not looking at the phone on center, but I digress. For my use, faceID is wonderful! TouchID was horrible, if your fingers sweat, or if there is water on the fingers it won't be able to read the finger print, bleh!

Submitted by Claus on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hi Justin,
I agree that using touchId has the 2 problems you describe, but how often do you have wet fingers. Yes after running and wehn out I was out in cold weather touchId did not work that well. From your description it is clear that you have some usable sight witch I do not have. My success rate with faceId is probably about 60 to 70 percent after using it for about 2 months. Training like you did iis not an option when you do not have any sight, so you have to learn how to hold the phone, and that is lower than I had guessed. Still I see no reason why we cannot get a setting that unlocks the phone when FaceId has recognized the face. As I wrote this has even been requested by some sighted users. Going through this extra step obviously makes faceId a slower solution.

Submitted by DMNagel on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Can't you just choose not to set up face ID and stick to the passcode instead? That's what I would do.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I've been on the iPhone X 2 months now and have had sounds turned off. iPhone makes great use of the haptic engine, both for the swipe gestures and the face ID. If yours doesn't do this, head to settings/sounds and haptics, and turn on the haptics.
Here are my ideas and suggestions:
* I actually do like that I immediately won't go to the home screen. my iPhone protects the notifications by displaying the content of them only if the Face ID authentication has happened. If it would go to the home screen immediately, if I'd want to check an incoming message, id have to
1. pick up the phone.
2. Face Id authenticate
3. swipe down for notifications.
Way faster than just picking up the phone and authenticating.
The way I use my phone, if I want to get to the home screen, I am already swiping up while picking up the phone. So it all happens in one gesture. By the time it is in comfortable position, it has seen my face and unlocked already.

For false authentications:
I've found two reliable methods:
1. Press the side button twice to turn the screen off and on again
2. Swipe up to get to the passcode screen. If the error happened on the passcode screen, then swipe up again.

Hope those thoughts help a bit. I recently just had to enter a passcode, because I hadn't authenticated my phone with a password during last 6 days. Its an actual iOs rule, it forces you to enter a passcode at times.