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hi, i'm having a strange problem with my ibooks ap, and i'm wondering if anyone else has come across it and found a sollution. I read quite a lot of ibooks in the ap, and usually everything works as expected''' i do the 2 finger swipe down to read continuously and leave it to it. but with my current book, VO reads half a page, then skips down to the top of the following page. If i explore the screen, the rest of the text is there, but for some reason VO just skips over it. I've checked that scroll mode is disabled, which it is, and also tried making my font tiny/massive in case it helps, but it makes no difference. In desperation i connected my phone to a very old braille display i had hanging around, but that does exactly the same''' i'm guessing because it will only interact withthe bits VoiceOver wants to read. As it's a textbook, i could really do with reading all of it, and although i could slide my finger down the screen aNd read manually line by line, this feels very clunky''' and really i just want it to work normally!



Submitted by Gerardo on Sunday, February 4, 2018

This same problem happens with all of my IBooks (I atribute it to iOS11 because since then it's happening) that I start reading all with two-finger flick down, and it stops as soon as it gets to the next page, having to again flick down with two -fingers, and yes it's very frustrating! Any ideas?

Submitted by Will on Thursday, February 22, 2018

since ios 11 i have this too. also i found when it stops voiceover just shows the text and not the buttons to go back to the library etc. please apple fix this. i am going to log a report with accessibility. maybe a screen recording would help?

Submitted by Ipadman on Thursday, February 22, 2018

I’m also having a similar issue to the one described above, here’s a post that I submitted a few days ago about it:
I’m having an issue with iBooks in iOS 11 .2 .5 while using voice-over, while the issue is difficult to explain, I’ll do my best.
Sometimes, when I open the iBooks app, voice-over will give me access to the text of the book but won’t allow me to access the other menu options such as library search and page numbers. When it is in this state, swiping across the screen doesn’t do anything.
When this happens, I have to close down the iBooks app and reopen it, and the issue is sol

I’m also thinking about sending a report to Apple Accessibility but I’m not sure how screen recording works, could someone please explain it?

Submitted by Will on Thursday, February 22, 2018

having not tried this yet, i believe it works by making a video, with audio if turned on before you start, showcasing what you are doing and when voice-over is on people can "see" what voiceover is showing. i will attempt it later.

Submitted by bonerobot on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hi all,

i use a focus blue braille display from freedom scientiffic worked absulutly fine in access with ibooks.
But since ios 11 it is a catastrophy to read my current books in my library. For exampl i don‘t know when the next page begins which my braille display showed me before ios 11.
the second example is that during i read a book i can‘t move me to a button. Moreover my focus 40 jumps sometimes two or three pages forward and i wanted only ones.
These are big issues which takes the fun while reading. I‘ll report this issues to the apple accessibility department and i hope they will fix the bugs in the next ios updates.
Luckyly the kindle app from amazon is still accessible with voiceover and my braille display