iBooks and Read2Go comparison

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Hi, all, As I want to get Read2Go and have also been using iBooks for the last few days, I’d like to know how some Read2Go’s features work in comparison with iBooks. In particular: 1. Does Read2Go generate a pause after moving to a page in continuous reading? I’m finding it quite annoying with iBooks on my iPhone 4S. 2. Does Read2Go allow line by line and paragraph by paragraph navigation in textbooks? It seems that iBooks only allows character by character and word by word navigation apart from its conventional “table of contents” support. 3. I know that Read2Go doesn’t have a built-in dictionary (it’s a pity), but can it easily look up words from its online source? 4. iBooks seems to be quite snappy, so can I expect the same responsiveness from Read2Go? On a similar topic, do you know of a place where I can listen to a sample of Acapela’s female voice, Heather? 5. Finally, if you could convert your DAISY books to Epub in order for iBooks to open them with their links and bookmarks, would you still feel the need to purchase Read2Go or InDaisy? I just want to know if I actually gain something if I get either of those instead of converting my books to Epub one way or another. Your help and opinions are quite appreciated.



Submitted by Maria on Sunday, February 26, 2012

well, ibooks reads books from the ibook store or epub books. read to go is more for bookshare books i use the accapella voices to read so it doesn't pause. not sure about navigation with voice over in read to go. Even if i could read bookshare books in ibooks, I would probably still use read to go, as it's nice to have the feature where you can search and download books right to your device from bookshare. Also it's possible to read audio daisy books in read to go. I don't believe it's possible to read these in ibooks. I do use both, so in my opinion if you have a bookshare account and also like to read other mainstream books they are both must have apps.

Submitted by Leonora Leo on Sunday, January 10, 2016

I tried Read2Go a few months ago and I would not recommend it. If you think that the pause between pages in iBooks is annoying, you should know that Read2Go speaks the page number every time it turns the page. The voice in Read2Go didn't really suit me. I would choose Samantha over Heather any day.
I don't have a BookShare account but was considering it. I tried Read2Go with some public domain books. The only good thing about the app is that you can lock the screen while reading.
For me, it was not worth the money I spent on the app. I would never stop using iBooks. The app is free and built into the iPhone.
I think BookShare is not that good. First off, you have to pay yearly. Second off, you have to pay for the app. And third, you got to pay a start up fee.
I would much rather pay per book than than have to pay for a whole year. I just hope Apple will be willing to refund me for that useless app.
Sorry for the rant. But I really do believe BookShare and it's apps are a waste of time.
It depends on what kind of features you prefer and what you feel you want to pay for.