I Seem To Not Have All The Voiceover Voices

iOS and iPadOS

I seem to have lost most of the Voiceover voices, and I really need some help to get them back. Here is the progression of what happened.

I got a new iPhone 7 on Wednesday and restored from my latest iCloud backup. All went well, escept that Voiceover seemed a bit more sluggish than it did on an iPhone 7 I had looked at recently. (Both phone have 128 GB of memory.)

Thinking that perhaps one of my older apps had become somewhat corrupt, I erased my phone, set it up as a new phone, and the speed did pick up. However, I have lost access to Alex as well as all of the new voices in IOS 10. When I tap on Settings, General, Accessibility, Voiceover, Speech, and the Samantha voice, I only see Samantha, Fred, Siri male and Siri female in the US English area.

So how did I manage to lose the other voices? Also, can I get them back?

Any thoughts will be much appreciated.




Thanks, Joey. When I went into the language and region area, it said that US English was selected. I double tapped the US english button and re-selected it, the phone asked me if I wanted to change to US English, I said yes, and now I have my voices. I'm curious as to why this happened, since Samantha was speaking in US English and it said it was already selected.

But at least I have the voices back. Thanks again!