I-phone SE, using built in tv app with voice over

iOS & iPadOS

hello all,
I know I'm not a familiar face around here.
Mostly because I've had a really old phone, and so couldn't get most of the apps listed here. lol

Anyways, I recently got an I-phone SE.
However, as the universe would have it, new phone comes with new problems.
I'm trying to work the built in tv app on the I-phone.
Now, the app itself is perfectly accessible, no problems. However, when I go to play a show, I can't seem to access the player.
By the player, I mean the controls to rewind, fast forward, pause or play the show.
Sometimes, if I get really lucky, right as the episode starts I might get a glimpse of it, but it hasn't been consistent.
Also, usually, when I swipe with my finger, now this is while my phone is in landscape mode, and I swipe left and right, voice over doesn't read anything.
Does anyone have any suggestion for this?
I'm hoping that it's just something I'm doing wrong, some trick I don't know, rather than the app being inaccessible.
Since everything else is accessible.
I would appreciate any help you guys can give me.
Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it.